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Lessons from My Grandma's Table

Insights on Self-Discovery, Inspiration, and Transformation

 Drawing on inspiration from conversations held at her own grandmother's table, Crystal uses insights and stories from her life to bring her book to fruition. Each "lesson" is packed with life's wisdom and insights for inspiration, personal development, and transformation

Lessons will take you on a journey of self-discovery. You'll be able to identify life-defining moments and uncover the inspiring lessons of wisdom gained by everyday encounters. You will also find it easy to relate to Crystal's own life voyage...filled with ups and downs, heartbreaks, and victories. Get ready to find your lessons!

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Lessons from My Grandma's Table

Crystal's writing style and method are sure to leave a good impression. Her words are painted with a genuine love and passion that allows her stories to come alive right before her readers' eyes.

Lessons from My Grandma's Table will make you laugh, cry, and, perhaps, more importantly, reflect. Allow the book to serve as the inspiration you need to examine your own life's experiences and determine the lessons you likely should have learned along the way. But readers shouldn't stop there. Once you've identified those areas, you will then be able to take the necessary steps towards self-discovery and walking in your true purpose…and that's when the real healing begins.

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